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  • __main__ and builtins namespaces — All the built in names live here and this namespace is created when the interpreter starts up.
  • Global namespace — All…

Marc Randolph Co-founder, Netflix

Good vs Bad Ideas

  • Personalized Shampoo — Cut a lock of hair and mail it to us, our team of ace scientists formulate a personalized shampoo
  • Personalized dog food — Formulate a custom dog food for your dog based on the breed, gender, activity level, climate…

Steve Jobs talks about App Store economy in 1983

Economic needs and opportunities

The rise of Checking Accounts

End result of this post

How to set up a basic GraphQL project using graphql-express, what are root types, and how to best structure the code in GraphQL projects.

Your ultimate guide on why and how to use GraphQL

source: xkcd comics

GraphQL will do the “REST”

— Someone on Twitter

  • A brief introduction to GraphQL and it’s concepts.
  • An example showing how to build GraphQL endpoints.
  • Solve a specific problem using REST and GraphQL.
  • Source code link to GitHub repo at the end.

Karthik Kalyanaraman

Software Engineer | Curious about technology and the economics of the tech industry | https://twitter.com/karthikkalyan90

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